[Can potatoes be eaten in confinement]_Maternal_Can you eat

[Can potatoes be eaten in confinement]_Maternal_Can you eat

Potatoes are vegetables that many mothers like very much. Potatoes can be divided into many types. The more common are fried potatoes, fried potatoes and peeled potato soup. Potatoes are recognized as nutritious foods, and they can be eaten when confinementPotatoes, because potatoes are rich in starch, help to be absorbed by the body, can increase satiety, but also improve the body’s resistance.

Nutritionist: Potato is one of the vegetables that is very suitable for mothers to eat, because not only does it not cause milk back, it is also very suitable for confinement.

So confinement and breastfeeding mothers can eat potatoes, but if the mother is sensitive to potatoes, then do not eat.

Benefits of eating potatoes in confinement 1. Potatoes are rich in starch, which is easily absorbed by the body.

Postpartum mothers are prone to feeling full after eating, which can effectively help lose weight.

2. Promote digestion and strengthen immunity.

Potatoes contain a large amount of vitamin B and vitamin C. Adding fiber and minerals can promote digestion and improve the immunity of postpartum mothers.

3. Increase appetite.

Potatoes are rich in precipitated fiber, which can increase the appetite of new mothers.

Potatoes are rich in potassium, which can regulate the acid-base balance of the body and maintain human life activities.

4, potatoes can also delay aging, skin care and beauty.

Precautions for eating potatoes during confinement 1. Potatoes cannot be eaten with bananas, otherwise mothers’ uniforms will easily become spotted after delivery.

2. Potatoes cannot be eaten with persimmons, cherries, tomatoes, tomatoes, pomegranates, otherwise it is easy to cause indigestion.

Note that eating potatoes and pomegranate together can cause poisoning, and you can use leek to rot.

3. Potatoes are not necessarily suitable for all constitutional mothers. If you are allergic to UV rays, itchy skin or congested eyes, mothers with diabetes, and mothers with poor spleen and stomach functions, the palace owner recommends eating less or not.

4, if you want to fry potatoes, it is recommended to choose potatoes with smooth skin, if you are going to stew, it is recommended to choose potatoes with peeling surface.