The GEM main board played a deep V trend, but the technology stock differentiation is increasing or staying?

The GEM main board played a deep V trend, but the technology stock differentiation is increasing or staying?

The impact of overseas panic on A shares is over?

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  Original title: GEM Index staged a deep V turn!

Technology stock splits are increasing, go or stay?

  On February 25, affected by the sharp decline in the external stock market, both the Shanghai and Shenzhen markets opened lower, and the GEM index fell more than 4% in the early trading.

In the afternoon, when the automobile, lithium battery, 5G and other plates were inserted, the GEM index staged a deep V reversal, which increased 1% in the late session, and reached a new high in the stage.

The Shanghai Composite Index closed slightly down by 0.


  The turnover of the two cities reached 1.

4 trillion, has been kept above 1 trillion for 5 consecutive days.

  Northbound funds again had a net overlap of 48 on February 25.

31 trillion, a net decrease for the second day in a row, the total over two days reached 135.

3.6 billion.

The data shows that from February 3 to the present, Northbound funds have shown obvious characteristics of low absorption and high selling in actual operation, and their positions have not been previously high technology stocks.

  Today removed 48.

31 trillion February 25, Northbound funds through the Shanghai-Shenzhen Stock Connect once again showed a net penetration, and finally closed, the total net can pass 48.

US $ 3.1 billion, of which the Shanghai Stock Connect saw a net decrease of 32.

6.9 billion yuan, the Shenzhen Stock Connect net reduction of 15.

6.2 billion.

  Beginning on the 24th, the northbound funds that have continued to have a net inflow during the year have reversed. On February 24th, northbound funds allowed a net allowance of 87 throughout the day.

US $ 0.5 billion, the highest net profit in nearly one month. Ping An of China, China Merchants Bank, and Maotai of Guizhou were net sold8.

7.5 billion, 5.

300 million, 5.

09 billion.

  Already selling chips?

  This round of rally has so far continued, the overall trend of northbound funds continued to grow, and in practice has obvious characteristics of low absorption.

  From February 3 to 21, Northbound funds gradually bought 409.

2.5 billion.

Among them, when the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index fell by nearly 8% on February 3, Northbound funds made a net purchase of 18.2 billion against the trend throughout the day, making it the second largest single-day net purchase in history.

And through the index bottoming out, the size of the inflow of northbound funds began to fall, and there was a net penetration for a few days.

  After the market rebounded for three weeks in a row, Northbound funds began to sell high chips.

  The direction of Masukura is not technology stocks. From the perspective of specific stocks, the recent rising technology stocks are not the focus of northbound funds.

  Choice data shows that consumption and blue chip stocks in the financial sector are still the focus of the recent northbound capital increase.

As of February 24th, the top ten heavy storage stocks in Northbound Funds had acquired M & A consumption and financial products, and Guizhou Moutai, Gree Electric Appliances, Hengrui Medicine, Ping An Bank and other Northbound funds held an increase in the number of shares after the Spring Festival.

  At the same time, Northbound Capital is also selling some of its leading 深圳spa会所 technology stocks.

  As of February 24, among the top 20 heavy stocks of Northbound Capital, Hikvision and Lixun Precision Technology Co., Ltd. both had a decline in Northbound capital holdings after the Spring Festival.

  Among them, Hikvision’s northbound funds held from 5 shares.

6.4 billion shares are expected5.0.6 billion shares, a decline of up to 10.

28%, is the stock with the largest decline in the number of shares in the top 20 heavy stocks in the same period.

The amount of stock held by Luxun Precision’s Northbound Capital also fell by more than 5%.

  From this point of view, although the northward capital continued to transition after the Spring Festival, the type of increasing positions is not the leading technology stock in the market, and even some technology stocks have reduced their holdings.

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