[Cartoon bento practice]_How to make animals

[Cartoon bento practice]_How to make animals

Cartoon bento is a kind of bento that children often like, but the bento bought outside cannot guarantee food safety.

Then only the bento made by yourself is the safest and healthiest.

So if you are making cartoon bento for your children, you may choose to make it yourself.

It can also be made based on the cartoon characters that children like. So what is the cartoon bento practice?

Recipe ingredients: eggs, bacon, rice, ham slices, mushrooms, carrots, oil, salt, pepperSpare; 2. Heat oil pan, stir-fry with bacon, add other materials, stir-fry, season; rice is cooked and put in bento box; 3. egg skin is spread on rice, sliced ham slices, winter mushrooms、胡萝卜等拼成卡通形象 [1] 。Health tips for babies over 3 years of age 1. Eggs contain a lot of nutrients that are supplemented by proteins, trace amounts, vitamins, calcium, zinc, iron, riboflavin, DHA and lecithin, which nutrition experts callFor the “complete protein model”, it is known as the “ideal nutrition bank”.

It has a great effect on the nervous system and physical development. Eating eggs often can strengthen the brain and improve the memory of multiple age groups. 2. Radish is a crisp, delicious and nutritious homemade vegetable. It is known as “small”Ginseng”.

Carrot oxide sugars, trace amounts, volatile oils, carotene, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, anthocyanins, calcium, iron and other nutrients

Studies by American scientists have confirmed that eating two carrots a day reduces blood cholesterol by 10%?
20%; eating three carrots a day helps prevent heart disease and tumors.